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Video Door Phone Apartmen With Display 7" Camera Ccd Sony 600Tvl
Video Door Phone Apartmen With Display 7" Camera Ccd Sony 600Tvl
Video Door Phone Apartmen With Display 7" Camera Ccd Sony 600Tvl
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11 Mar 2014
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Video Door Phone With Camera Chipset 600Tvl Sony And Resolution , The Highest At This Time .
 Compare With Video Door Phone Is Now Circulating Cengan Only Resolution 380 Tvl Or 420 Tvl .
 Outdoor Panel With 600 Tvl Sony Ccd Camera Vandalt And Waterproof Housing .
 Indoor Display With Soft Touch Panel With Blue Backlift And Screen 7 " Tft Panel With Mirror Polish Forms Such As Tablets . Highly Elegant Shape .
 By Connecting With Cable 4 And The Content Is Very Easy To Install .
 The Model Is Very Simple With The Advantages Handsfree , Touch Screen , With A Cable Containing 4 Alone , Produces An Image That Is Really Clear And Sharp . And Also Supported By The Infrared Light To Dark .

Color 600 Tvl Sony Ccd Camera , With Night Version And Backlight Compensation Function
• Disply Modes : Digital Led Display
• Password - Unlock Function : One Password For One User And The Public Password
• Reserve Roomates Access Control System Can Be Equipped With Id And Ic Card
• Shell Material : A - Alloy
• Installation Modes : Embedded Mode
• Outline Dimension : 364 X140x44mm
• Embedded Dimension : 346 X120x36mm

For Indoor Display , Shaped Like Tablets And Touch Panel With Soft
Specifications :
1 , 7 Inch Tft Colour Touch Screen

2 Housing Material : Full Mirror - Polished Finish Panel , Logo In Blue Backlight

3 Way Of Connection : 4 Pin Lines

4 Wall - Mounted

5 Size : 240 ( L ) * 160 ( W ) * 25 ( H ) Mm

6 Weight : 750G

The Price Depends On How Many Pieces Dipslay Indoor Unit ( Unit Apt Rooms ) Are In Pairs

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