Rising Bollard Pilomat Type 275P
Rising Bollard Pilomat Type 275P
Rising Bollard Pilomat Type 275P
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Last Updated
09 May 2014
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Specification of Rising Bollard Pilomat Type 275P

Rising Bollard Is One Or Several Milestones Elliptical Beam Emerging From The Bottom Of The Ramp With Hydraulic Power . The Distance Between The Pillars Moving Up From Below Upward Path Between Tonggaknya About 60 Cm - 150 Cm , The Drift Velocity Up And Go Back To The Road About 6-8 Seconds . Functions And Powers Can Be The Same As The Road Bocker , But Has Advantages In The Form Of Beauty Than Road Blocker But Has The Disadvantage Because Most Motors Can Still Pass Between The Pillars / Bollards .

Rising Bollard Is Piling Arising From The Ground , In Order To Block The Passing Vehicles . It Is Suitable To Be Installed If There Is A Tendency Riots , Terrorists And Others.
Bollard Raised From The Ground , So That The Vehicle Does Not Go Beyond Page. If There Are Desperate They Will Hit The Bollard , The Vehicle Will Be Destroyed .

Rising Bollard Thus They Will Be Controlled , If The Vehicle Is Currently Not Allowed Through The Rising Bollard Stands Kendarran Dna If Allowed To Pass , Then Rising Bollard Is Entered Into So Flush With The Floor Surface ( Ground ) .

275/ P 500A
Use For :
Pedestrian Areas
Private Car Parks – Parking Company
Private Driveways – Driveway Businesses – Commercial Driveways

Fature :
Moving Cylinder ; Fe 370 Steel ( Iron)
Moving Cylinder Nominal : Diameter 275 Mm
Moving Cylinder Fe 370 Steel Thickness : 6 Mm
Moving Cylinder Stai Nless Steel Thickness Aisi 304: 6 Mm : – Aisi 316: 4 Mm
Moving Cylinder Stai Nless Steel Finish Polyester Powder Paint – Standard Grey Anthracite Or Brushed
Other Moving Cylinder Finish : Ribs On Cylinders Surface
Reflecting Adhesive Strip : Yes – Height 55 Mm
Rising Speed : 15 Cm/ Sec
Lowering Speed : 30 Cm/ Sec*
Manual Emergency Lowering : Yes ( Version With Release No. 220 = Automatic Lowering)
Safety Reversal Pressure Switch : Yes
Connection Line To Control Unit : Standard 10 Mt ( Maximum Length: 80 Mt)
Hydraulic Pump : Built -In Into The Pilomat
Grade Of Protection : Ip 67
Type Of Use : Intensive - Life Average 2.000.000 Movements - 2.000 Movements/ Day
Impact Resistance ( Without Deformation) : 40.000 J
Breakout Resistance : 250.000 J
Operati Ng Temperature : – 40° C + 60° C ( For Low Temperatures See Heating Resistance)
Nominal Pilomat Weight ( Without Pit) : 105 Kg
Nominal Weight Of Standard Pit, With
Counter-Frame And Brackets :
60 Kg

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