Avematic Security

Fingerprint With Finger And Prox Crad Type Dl-Iid
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Specification of

Fingerprint It Using Fingerprint And Also Can Use Fingerprint Cards With 3000 Total Fruit


  • Colored Lcd Screen
  • 2.4”  Tft  Lcd Display  With Animated User Friendly Interface
  • Display Employees Name On Screen When Punching In Or Out
  • Capable For Door Lock Access
  • Employees Punch In/Out Using Fingerprints, Password  And/ Rfid Proximity Card
  • With Voice Activated Message
  • Standalone, Collects Employee Time Attendance,  Even Not   Connected To A Computer.
  • Track Employee Time (In / Out, Lunch, Breaks, Overtime   Holidays & Absences)
  • Scan Fingerprint Less Than Second
  • Export Reports To Excel Text (.Txt)
  • 3 Levels Of Security Access
  • Variable Security Threshold
  • Works  Well With Dry, Moist Or Rough Fingerprints
  • Auto Turn-Off Or Idle For Power Saving To Ensure The Device Is Functioning Well  
  • Great For Employee Performance Evaluation And Job Costing Purposes
  • Ports:  Door Bell Port, Push Button Port, Door Lock Port, Alarm System Port
  • Language:  Simplified Chinese , Traditional Chinese, English
  • Dla Iid: Door Access Control: 50 Door Control Settings Timetable, 5 Groups, 10 Combination Open Door Setting. Can Also Network To Server
  • Dla Iid: Reader( Rfid): Wiegand 26



  • Fingerprint Capacity                  :   3000
  • Management Transaction           :    1000
  • User Transaction Storage            :    60,000
  • Verification By                              :     Fingerprint/ Password/Id Card; Fingerprint+Password, Fingerprint +Id Card
  • Fingerprint Verification                 :     1, 1:N
  • Communication Type                     :      Rs 485, Usb Port, Usb Downloader , Tcp/Ip
  • Lcd Monitor                                   :       2.4″Tft  320*240;
  • Keypad                                             :      4X4 16 Touch Screen Keypad
  • Language                                          :      Simplified Chinese , Traditional Chinese, English 
  • Voice Language                                 :       English
  • Power                                                 :      Dc 12V
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