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Sliding Glass Door Automatic Tashido
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USD 2450.00

Specification of

Automatic Sliding Glass Door

Automatic Sliding Glass Door Tashido Made ​​Possible For Japanese Brand Has Two Type:
- Type Sp 360 For Door Leaf Size 2 X 130 Kg

- Type Sp360e To Measure The Size Of The Door Leaf 2 X 150Kg (Price Pls Call)

Self Monitoring Function
Self Lock Motor
Self Learning Function
This Open Function
Anti-Crush System
Built In Lacthing Function

Ideal For Airports, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurat, Mini Market, Home And More.
Motor, Photo Cells Eagle Six 2 Pcs, Key Switch 3 Position, F1 Guide For 12Mm Glass, Glass Clamp, Stabilizer.

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